Sane Brain of Shane

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Went to see Midnight In Paris (“SHUT UP! It was good!”) and nearly passed out when I saw this before the film started. It has been a decade or more since I have experienced this roller-coaster of excitement, and even then, it never got old. I immediately found myself swaying with each turn of the coaster, and leaning forward on the drops.

Then I thought about my childhood movie experiences, and how at age 13 I was buying tickets to Something About Mary and Boogie Nights, no problem. And how the two kids in line in front of me couldn’t even get into The Hangover II. How shitty?

What’s next? They going to ban the hand-job-in-the-popcorn trick? Pretty soon we won’t be able to bring our own beer to the theater! No wonder box office numbers are in a slump. Might as well wait for the movie to come to On-Demand or Netflix. Cause you can do whatever the fuck you want when you’re watching it on your own couch.

PS- Isn’t the last popcorn pop the best?